Sivery Sopubia

Sopubia cana

The silvery leaves of Sopubia are very pretty in against the bronze of summer grasslands.   It is parasitic on grasses, has a woody rootstock and is widespread in the eastern grasslands of Southern Africa and into tropical Africa.  The small shrub reaches about 45cm high.  The narrow leaves are velvety in texture and the stems are also covered in fine hairs.   The five petalled pink flowers grow from the leaf axils and are delicately veined, with dark centres and yellow stamens. They are clustered at the ends of the stems. Sopubia is a member of the Snapdragon family, with 5 species occurring in South Africa.  Used in traditional medicine for menstrual pain and to prevent miscarriage.

seSotho name: Pulumo-tsoeu

Sopubia cana


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